Hello Everyone… Even though there is probably no one reading this (oh well)

My name is Samantha and I’ve decided to start a blog. I guess that’s pretty obvious since I’ve created an account on wordpress.

I’ve had a blog in the past but quickly lost interest because I never really knew what to write about. I found myself writing about my days but nothing interesting really happened… I started boring even myself. I’m actually excited to start this blog because I am going to be talking about BOOKS!! YAY!!

Over the course of my life so far books have been one of the only consistent things. From my mother reading to me when I was little, to thinking the Grinch was the scariest dude in the world (because my mom left the book sitting beside my bed and his devious face would just be staring at me), to turning to books when things got hard, to turning to books when I was bored or happy. I really just turn to books for anything and everything. I’ve decided to try and make a career out of my love for books. I would like to be an editor or a writer… once I finish my English degree of course. For now, I want to write about what I read. This is not going to be an extremely prestigious blog, in the sense that I’m not simply going to write about classics. I am going to write about everything from teen fiction to horror, to non-fiction to graphic novels. I am honestly going to be writing about what I feel like reading at the time. I may give an update as I read something or simply wait until I have finished the whole thing. Who knows? … I don’t 🙂


I’m just going to wing it and have fun.

Ta ta for now!



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