Weeping Wednesday


A Child Called It by Dave Pelzer

This particular book has a special place in my heart and it always will. I remember reading it in my early teenage years, so maybe around ten years ago. It is the heart wrenching story of a little boy who is brutally abused by his mother. She makes him roller blade around the block for house in the dead of winter wearing nothing but his underwear, she would turn on the stove top and make him sit on it, and she even goes as far as to stab him. The whole time this little boy just wants his mother’s love. The most difficult thing to grasp about this story is that it is true. The little boy in the novel is actually the author, Dave Pelzer. He not only went through these awful things but he relived them in order to share his story with the world. He is a survivor.

The book made me cry so much that I will always remember it. It is a sad story but it truly opens your eyes to issues in our society.

If you haven’t read this book… You need to! Today!


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