23 Things Everyone Who Grew Up A Book Nerd Will Understand

For all my fellow book nerds/lovers out there! We’ve all heard at least some of these, if not all of them… I mean let’s be honest, people just don’t understand our crazy, stupid, love relationship with books!!


  1. When you didn’t do your actual homework so you could read your favourite book.
  2. This infamous sentence: “Put away your book, we’re eating.”
  3. Summer reading was your favourite school assignment of the year!
  4. You were known to whip your book out at school during every free minute you had.
  5. There will always be a special place in your heart for your beloved characters.
  6. You would stay up late to read “just one more page.” Obviously that turned into one more chapter and next thing you know it’s 3:00am and your parents catch you still reading.         8802311
  7. Sleeping wasn’t a huge priority.       No-Sleep-No
  8. Waiting for sequels was a fate worse than death… and let’s face it, it still is.
  9. Books are always better than the movie adaptations.funny-book-movie-adaptations
  10. All of your allowance went straight to the bookstore.
  11. You never understood why people tried to get you to play outside when reading is obviously better for your mind!
  12. The face you would make when you didn’t have time for small talk because your book was waiting for you.         video-undefined-18493EC900000578-119_636x358
  13. You enjoyed spending time with your fictional characters just as much as your real friends… maybe even more.
  14. You could never make up your mind about what to read next.readnext copy
  15. Alone time never quite felt lonely.
  16. Your punishments were always different than everyone else’s.
  17. So you tried your hardest not to get into trouble!
  18. Two words: HARRY POTTER! J. K. Rowling =
  19. That feeling when you weren’t ready to let a good book go, even after you were done reading it.                          519efe60729f5758c3146baa3ac09aca
  20. You brought the book you were reading EVERYWHERE you went…. that’s why we nerds need big purses!!
  21. When you loved a book so much you wished you could relive it again and again for the first time.
  22. You never, ever actually wanted to read the last sentence.
  23. And you knew exactly what made reading so magical: You end up traveling to far away places and living thousands of lives before you even graduated high school.                                           b28e4d16cbf26bb9b20e72640cb64ca9

If that isn’t the perfect childhood… then I don’t know what is. Am I right or am I right!?

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