Words That Every Book Lover Should Know!

Soooo I was reading this article and apparently these are words that I should know because I am a book lover. Uhhhhh, I only knew Literarian. I felt extremely silly and therefore needed to share this with others to make sure I wasn’t alone. Are you out there other people who know none of these words? Pleeease be out there!!

Because this is me right now…


EPEOLATRY — which means the worship of words.

LITERARIAN —  is someone who considers themselves an educated or ‘lettered’ person.

ULTRACREPIDARIAN — a word which refers to someone who gives an opinion on things s/he knows nothing about

MOROSOPH — is a would-be philosopher — a fool who thinks he’s more clever than he is.

BOOK-BOSOMED — to describe someone who carries a book at all times.

BIBLIOBIBULI — it refers to people who read too much.

INCUNABULA — This word can be used generally to mean something in its early stages; however, it also specifically means any book printed before 1500

BIBLIOPHAGIST —  literally, a devourer of books.

BIBLIOSMIA —  meaning the act of smelling books, especially as a way of getting a ‘fix’ from the aroma of old times.

Was I right? Do you know nothing of these words, orrr am I just an idiot. Probably the latter haha!


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