Book Haul!

It’s crazy that I can actually do a BOOK HAUL! You see hauls all over the internet involving make-up, Lush products, clothing, etc. Well now I am doing a book haul. The only thing that these other kinds of hauls have on me is that those products are a lot SMALLER! Just picture me carrying ten books onto the bus haha! That’s also me at the beginning of every semester at the University of Ottawa… since I am in the English department.

A friend of mine told me about this website where she buys most of her books. Now don’t get me wrong I am all about supporting local bookstores and such but I am also about supporting my wallet… I mean aren’t we all! This website is amazing. They don’t have everything that lets say Chapters would have BUT what they do have is crazy cheap. My mind was blowwwwwn when I bought my books from there. I mean brains all over the wall kind of blown. The website is called Book Outlet and if any of you are trying to save some money or spend less then go check it out. You might have to do some digging for what you want but who knows, you may stumble onto something else you want 🙂

Anyways, I checked out with eight books and after shipping it came $34. Right! Ludicrous! But it’s true. I went on a Young Adult novel rampage since I hadn’t really purchased any in quite some time. Now I am slowly working my way through them!

This is what I got…

Now some of these books like Divergent and Ender’s Game are really popular and have been made into movies BUT I’ve never read them. So I’m pretty excited about all of these, especially because I bought them all for $34!!!! Go check these books out if you’ve never heard of them 🙂

Happy Reading!


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