My Book Box Subscription!

Ok so I decided to look around for one of those book boxes that you have mailed to you every month. I thought it would be cool to get a little box of goodies in the mail every few weeks… I mean who wouldn’t. I did a lot of research and quite a few of the ones that I wanted to subscribe to were CLOSED! I had to put myself on a waiting list… lame. In the meantime I decided to subscribe to another one called Uppercase Box, which is a website that sends you a new YA novel every month. Depending on which package you choose you could also get a cute little bookish goodie. I picked the middle package because I wanted to see what kind of goodie I would get along with the novel. I have to wait until MID SEPTEMBER to get my first one though… **sad face**

Anyways, as I was doing my research I found that a lot of them are quite expensive. Some of them are even going up to around $50 per month, which for me is just CRAZY!! This one isn’t much better .. because I live in Canada (which means shipping from an American company is obviously cause for crazy shipping, riiiiight) I have to pay more so it brought me up to just over $40 per month. I decided to see what it was like. I mean maybe it will be totally worth it and I’ll want to continue or I’ll get the first one and hate it and cancel it. Who knows!! Some of the past boxes that they’ve sent are pretty cool though.

See belowwww…

After looking at some of the past boxes I thought, “Hey, this looks kinda cool. I shall give it the good old college try… whatever that is.” So needless to say I’m excited… duhhh! But again… I have to wait a month for the first one. I’m gonna do that thing where you draw x’s on all the days leading up to the day you’ve been waiting for… because I have no life or my life revolves around book, buying books, reading books, and being around books. How sad … no offense to others like me. Please be out there somewhere!!

Anyways, if this sounds equally as cool to you then go check it out. If you have a money growing tree in your backyard (mind is dead and has been for a long time) then give it go!

Happy reading my loves!


5 thoughts on “My Book Box Subscription!

  1. Like the idea of a book subscription but it does sound quite pricey:/ For that I’ll just purchase my own books and goodies each month:( I hope it’s worth it because the idea and the pics do seem catchy.


    1. Oh wow thanks for the info! I was a little hesitant and honestly still am so thanks for letting me know 🙂 … I’m excited for what they will send in September. It’s like a weird version of a present to yourself because you don’t know what’s coming haha


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