“You Can Never Have Too Many Bookmarks,” Said Me … Just Now!

This post may be lame but I don’t care. As I have said in previous posts I thoroughly enjoy the little things… maybe more so than the big things. So when little things come along… I must share.

I am one of those people that dog-ears the pages of my book instead of using an actual bookmark. Some people think this is book blasphemy but hey, I say let the book look like it’s had some use. Let it look like it’s had a life and that it’s had a good time being read. Or else it just sits there looking perfect and it has no personality or story behind it. Anyways, I was at a Coles today… you don’t find those stores to often anymore… and I was perusing around. I love looking at their stationary and the weird little nick-nacks that they have. I came across some bookmarks that I just had to have. Some of them were even on sale!! BONUS RIGHT!! I just thought that they were so “me” and so I grabbed four different ones 🙂 … I’m honestly surprised that it’s only four because there were so many that I wanted to grab. And this is coming from someone who just finished saying that they don’t use bookmarks. Anywaysss … here are the lovely additions to my “bookish things” collection!

“I Read Pat My Bedtime” is just so cute and probably the most truthful thing I’ve ever read! I’m sure ALL book lovers can relate haha.

I’m sure most people have seen those cute little sprout bookmarks in Chapters, I mean I know I’ve seen them before. I don’t know why I’ve never picked them up to honest. I have plants all over my house and I have giant tree tattooed onto my left side, so needless to say I love plant-life. Now I can have a little plant sprouting out of my books all the time 😀

The white one is actually ceramic, which could either be cool or be bad. It depends on how it fits into the books. Maybe it will almost stop the book from closing properly… hmmmm, book lover problems 101.

And … Batman. ‘Nough said.

Happy Reading!


5 thoughts on ““You Can Never Have Too Many Bookmarks,” Said Me … Just Now!

  1. I had tons of bookmarks and have no idea where they are now lol I usually end up using envelopes, mail, receipts, whatever I can get my hands on as a bookmark:p


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