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Throwback Thursday

to kill a mockingbird

To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee

This novel was first published  in 1960. It went on to win the Pulitzer Prize in 1961 and was later made into an Academy Award-winning film. This novel is studied academically at not only a secondary school level but also post-secondary. I cannot tel you how many times I have studied To Kill A Mockingbird in my academic career but I can tell you that I love reading it every time.

This novel follows a six year old girl named Jean Louise Finch, aka Scout, as she lives her life in Maycomb, Alabama with her brother Jem and her father Atticus. This novel very beautifully addresses issues like class, rape, racial discrimination, and gender roles. All while focusing on the innocence of this little girl. You see many of these incredible difficult topics through the eyes of a child, which adds an interesting perspective to these situations.

This novel is a beloved classic that has been read by millions in countless different languages. It will continue to be this valued for many years to come. If you haven’t had a chance to pick up this novel yet, I will be sincerely surprised if you haven’t, then get going on that. AND then pick up the new one… Go Set A Watchmen!

Happy Reading!


One thought on “Throwback Thursday

  1. As classic as this is, I still have not read it! It has been on my list for a while, but I get easily distracted by other books lol I’ve watched a play when I was younger, but we all know that doesn’t count:p I need to get on it!

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