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Girl From Above: Betrayal (The 1000 Revolution) by Pippa Dacosta


Title: Girl From Above: Betrayal (The 1000 Revolution #1)

Author: Pippa Dacosta

Publication Date: April 21st, 2015

Star Rating:


This a review being done for NetGalley. I was sent a copy of this novel so that I could read it and then post an honest review.

Girl From Above: Betrayal (The 1000 Revolution) by Pippa Dacosta presents a story that is original and frankly nothing like I have read before. This novel tells the story of a world more than 300 years into the future where there are multiple systems in which people can live. A corporation is now making it possible for people to live on after they have died by putting their memories into a synthetic human. They are only allowed to make 1000 of these synthetic humans every year, which can only be purchased by the wealthiest of people. #1001 was never supposed to be made and very few know that she exists. This raises the question of why she was created and what is she meant to do? As the story progresses her ability to follow orders breaks down and she soon discovers that there is more to her than meets the eye. As she encounters Caleb Shepherd and stows away on his ship she soon realizes that she is able to not only feel emotions but feel emotions towards other humans. Secrets and pasts are revealed. And we soon discover that #1001 and Caleb may not be strangers after all. Maybe their secrets and pasts are one in the same.

            This novel is told from the perspective of the two main characters, Caleb and #1001. Dacosta has chosen to write in the first person perspective, which gives the reader a genuine insight into the characters as they develop through out the novel. Not only do we get to be part of Caleb’s struggle as he pretends to be nothing but a simple smuggler with no deeper emotions or experiences, we also get right into #1001’s mind as her synthetic brain breaks down into a more human form. Both of these perspectives reflect a lot of emotion even though #1001 is supposed to be “non-human.” Dacosta is extremely smart when doing this because in the beginning of the novel it is difficult to connect with #1001 since she is synthetic, however, as the novel progresses and we experience her break down we can feel ourselves slowly connecting with her as she becomes more and more “human.” Through this we can also relate to Caleb’s feelings towards #1001 as their histories are realized.

            I genuinely enjoyed reading this novel and I would definitely recommend it. Girl From Above: Betrayal reminded me of a combination of Guardians of the Galaxy and Lost in Space, but with some sex thrown in there. It is filled with a lot of mystery and suspense surrounding the background of it’s characters, which causes you to ask a lot of questions as you read, but don’t worry they will all be revealed! I felt myself wanting to keep reading because I wanted to know more information so badly. This is definitely one of those novels that you could sit down and simply read it all in one go. So, prepare yourself for some laughs, thrills, and potentially some tears (depending on how easily you cry). I would definitely suggest picking up this book as soon as possible!

Happy Reading!!


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