How To: Prepare Yourself For a GLORIOUS Lazy Sunday!

What ever happened to everything being closed on Sundays?

I remember when I was little, Sundays were meant to be spent at home with family doing fun things. My fun things tended to revolve around staying inside curled up with a good book… I’m sure most of you are the same 🙂

NOW, everyone is doing running around on Sundays, I mean what is that about? Life has gotten so hectic that we can’t even take one day per week to focus on things that are really important like books, spending time with family, relaxing in order to prepare for the coming week, or just enjoying the fact that it’s Sunday. Sundays don’t mean those things anymore. So every week I make a point of living my Sundays the way that I did when I was little.

  1. Having a good book handy at all times!


2. Drinking lots of good natural tea! If you don’t like tea then I may think you’re a little weird BUT replace it with a good coffee or a margarita for all I care. A GOOD DRINK! Let’s say that!


3. I need me some good old fashions sweats. Not that I’m sweating .. haha get your heads out of the gutter. But sweat pants and a comfy sweater!

4. A little bit of sunshine! There is nothing like sitting on your balcony or patio reading a good book, in your sweat pants, drinking a GOOD drink!


5. And finally, just your ability to unplug. Take a breath, remove yourself from your hectic life. Put your phone on silent and leave it somewhere where you can’t see it and just enjoy your own company. Because let’s be honest if you can’t enjoy your own company how are other people going to.


So this is my idea of a lazy day Sunday. I think it’s so important to have a day like this. If you can’t afford to dedicate a whole day then at least give yourself a couple of hours during the week. We need some time to recharge and reboot from work, school, or whatever our time is going into.

For me books offer that escape and relaxation. so that’s why my Sundays always go hand in hand with a book. Maybe for you it’s a nice long walk or meditation. Whatever works for you. Just give yourself some time for you 🙂

Maybe that’s why book and I are best friends.. they always give me time to myself!

What is your version of a lazy Sunday??

Happy reading… or meditating … or walking … or …

P.S. If you want a good lazy Sunday book check out The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime by Mark Haddon. It’s a really interesting but easy read and it’s something you could read all in one day 🙂


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