Places From Books That Every Book Lover Should Visit At Least Once!

Hello All!

So I was cruising around online… because what else do you do online? Walk? No you cruise around. I was thinking about all of the amazing places that are talked about in some of my favourite books! I decided to put together a list of places that I need to visit because books that I love involve them. All of them are real! Although I am thinking of doing a fictional list of places that I WISH I could visit 🙂

Anyways, these are the ones that I’ve come up with:

King’s Cross Station

This is an obvious one because it is how Harry Potter and the rest of the wizarding world find their way onto Platform 9 3/4 to board the Hogwarts Express. This is super cool because they have actually created a spot for the platform that has half of a cart sticking out!!


Walden Pond, Concord, MA

This is where Henry David Thoreau went to completely isolate himself from the rest of the human race. I am going to be honest that this particular novel was hard to get through but some of the ideas were truly inspiring and so I would love to see where it all came together.


The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park Colorado

I want to visit this hotel that is the setting for one of my favourite books, Stephen King’s The Shinning. I mean come on, who wouldn’t want to spend a night in this place!?!?


Notre Dame

This is the setting for Victor Hugo’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame. If you haven’t read it then I’m sure you have seen the Disney film adaptation of the story (which isn’t nearly as good obviously). It would be the best view of Paris you would ever see.


Green Gables Farm

Since Anne of Green Gables became so widely popular there is actually a tourist area in Prince Edward Island where you can go and see where Anne would have lived had she been real. So cool!


These places will be amazing to visit because I have spent so much time reading about them. Being able to see them in real life will make the stories that they symbolize that much more real. Onto the bucket list they go!

Do you have any awesome places you want to visit because of a book??

Happy Reading!


3 thoughts on “Places From Books That Every Book Lover Should Visit At Least Once!

  1. *gasp* There’s a place called King’s Cross Station?! Like the one from Harry Potter?! Omg why did I just knew it today *facepalm*. I’m the dumbest potterhead xD

    …. sorry ^___^ I’m from the east so I never knew that there is such a place until I read this. Like seriously. I never

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