Top Ten Tuesday!

Another week has come and gone. Where did the summer go?? I’m someone who loves the fall and the winter so I’m excited BUT it just doesn’t feel like summer was ever really here this year.

This week’s top ten Tuesday is kind of cool. I have to list ten characters that I just didn’t “click” with. It feels so negative to talk about characters that I didn’t like and even worse for me because most of them are female characters. I mean you would think that I should be all “girl power” but I honestly have more problems with female characters than male ones.

AND no offense to anyone who likes any of these characters. This is simply my own opinion 🙂

So here we go!

Ten Characters (well almost) You Just Didn’t Click With!

Katniss Everdeen from The Hungergames series. This may come as quite a shock to some people but I actually really dislike her as a character. Maybe it was done on purpose but I found her extremely boring. I felt a lack of emotion and really just no leading lady qualities….


Marilla from Anne of Green Gables.  I am very aware that not all women have a maternal side and some men do. It is an unfortunate stereotype for women to always be the ones to take care of the children however, Marilla was just mean. Here is this orphan girl that has no one and Marilla is very cold and cruel to her right up until the end of the novel.


Teresa from The Maze Runner. I honestly just didn’t like her at all. It may also have something to do with the fact that I really didn’t like who they cast to play her in the film. I simply found her character annoying and unrelatable.


Tamani from the Wings series. I know he was supposed to be portrayed as a mystical and mysterious young man but I just didn’t see the appeal in him. I honestly thought that David was cuter.


Callie from Lauren Kate’s Fallen series. Annoying best friend… need I say more?


Daisy from The Great Gatsby. This is one of my favourite books and I want to like this character so bad… I just don’t. Why would she not choose Gatsby… I know I do!


John Howland from Still Alice. I know that watching a loved one suffer from a disease is very difficult BUT he was extremely selfish. I found myself very frustrated with his character throughout most of the story.

Still Alice cover

Bella from the Twilight series. I find myself feeling the same way about Bella as I do with Katniss. I really just don’t think that she is leading lady material. A lack of emotion and kind of dull.


So I could only think of seven. I’m actually really surprised!

Happy Reading!


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