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Late night writing and energy drinks

I don’t know if any of you are like me but I work best under pressure. I always wait until the last minute because my best writing always comes out when my brain knows it has to. Most of the time it works in my favour and well, sometimes it doesn’t. Like tonight, I’m sitting at my computer trying to finish a paper and I’ve hit a brain fart. Yes a brain fart. Not a wall or writer’s block… were going classy with brain fart.

I’m writing a paper for my 18th century literature class, which I find super interesting but for some reason I just can’t finish it. I’ve busted out my energy drink and even though it’s sugar free I’m hoping it will kick my brain in the ass a bit and make me write what needs to be written. Maybe this works for you guys too? My paper is about Jonathan Swift’s “The Lady’s Dressing Room” and William Hogarth’s “Harlot’s Progress.” If you haven’t read swift’s poem I suggest you do and Hogarth’s is a series of six paintings so they’re pretty interesting. I’m arguing that Hogarth’s paintings are a representation of all 18th century women experiencing the death of their identity as a way of satisfying the men in their society.

P.S. The paintings show a prostitute dying of a venereal disease so some people might call this a stretch… I call it a challenge and a paper that someone could argue with me about. Which is the goal in my opinion because who wants to read a paper that everyone just kind of nods along and agrees with… boring!

So as a way of unclogging my brain I decided to take to the blogging world and chat with whom ever decides to read this 🙂 because sometimes writing something that doesn’t require an immense amount of brain power is exactly what it takes for your brain to start using that brain power again. Here’s hoping!

What do you guys do to get your brain going again? I would love some suggestions! Like I said… I am a last minute writer and on the 1 in 50 chance that my brain craps out on me… I need a solution!!

Suggestions pretty please and fast haha!!




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