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Christmas Book Countdown!

The holidays are here!!

I can officially say it even though I had my Christmas tree up the day after Remembrance day. Man was there a lot of arguing online about when you should or should not put up your Christmas tree. I always do mine the day after Remembrance day BUT it has officially snowed here in the glorious capital of Canada … OTTAWA!! So it feels like the holidays! I’ve already decorated my house, made sugar cookies, done half my Christmas shopping, and drank my weight in hot chocolate.. Om Nom Nom!!

The cold weather always makes me want to spend time inside with, yes you guessed it, more hot chocolate and a good book. I always like to read holiday themed books around Christmas so I thought I would do a kind of Christmas themed book countdown!! Maybe it will help get everyone into the Christmas spirit.

Now if you don’t celebrate Christmas I wish you a very super happy holidays and hopefully reading my sarcasm and cheerfulness will put a good smile on your face!

To be honest I don’t know how many books I’m going to be able to think of so maybe some of you have some suggestions???? I can always use an excuse to buy more books!!

The first one I remember reading when I was a kid. I can still picture my school library and me sitting there reading this book. One of those nice childhood memories. It’s called The Magic Sleigh Bell by W. Peter Elliott. It was so long ago so I don’t remember a lot of it. I remember the beginning and how a kid found a sleigh bell and was convinced it was from Santa’s sleigh… so cute. It’s a full novel so don’t worry about getting yourself into a kids books. You’ll love it!


Christmas book countdown number one!!!



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