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Books to make you feel better…

Hey everyone,

Unfortunately I’m having one of those days where things just aren’t going my way. Everyone has them and everyone has their own way of picking themselves back up again.
For me I normally get myself some good comfort food, a nice bubble bath, and some funny Netflix. Today is especially sucky though and I think I need to turn to a good book. I have no idea what book I should read though!! Does anyone have any suggestions for a “feel good” book?? I am in need of one.
It doesn’t have to be something that raises your spirits it could just be something that you know takes your mind off of things. A book that makes you laugh!
Thank you!!!



6 thoughts on “Books to make you feel better…

  1. Pride and Prejudice is always a good one! I also like a lot of the Toni Morrison ones, The Bluest Eye is probably my favourite. She’s easy to read and it doesn’t really seem like a drag. One book I read that is sort of contemporary and teenish (excuse my lack of a better word) was ‘The Intern’ by Gabrielle Tozer. It’s like one of those rom-com movies, it’s quite light hearted 🙂

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