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Winter Book Bingo!!

Hey Everyone!

So I had no idea this was a thing! I was cruising other people’s blogs because they’re so fun to look at and I came across a winter book bingo! Where has this been all my life!?

You may think I am such a nerd and an old lady but I love Bingo. I never win but I love it. The numbers always come up way to fast for me and I start to panic so even if I did have a bingo chances are someone else is yelling it before me… I’m not fast enough haha!

Maybe this time I’ll win! Even though I’m playing against myself 🙂


I’m so excited to take a crack at this!! One thing I am not sure about is how long I can play for… does it go until the official last day of winter? I guess I could look it up but if anyone knows feel free to let me know!!

Oh and give me some suggestions for hammering out some of these!! I’m all about the suggestions!




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