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Chapter’s Haul for Christmas Gifts… and a little for me ;)

Today is the second last Saturday before Christmas and that means I needed to get a ton of my shopping done. I get so easily aggravated when malls and such are super busy so I like to get things done early. Well semi early anyways. I went to a crazy amount of stores today and multiple malls… three I think. I went to Chapters, Petsmart, Hot Topic, Happy Daze, The Body Shop, Kiehl’s, Miss Tiggy Winkles… and probably some more that I’m just forgetting. I got a few things from Chapters that I thought I would share with you. I actually wrapped them already so I had to take photos from online haha… damn my efficiency.

I went to Chapters looking for some stocking stuffers for my mom, a book for my fiancee, and something for my future mother in law. I did get everything I was looking BUT I also got a couple of other things too.

The gift I got for my mom is:


My mom moved a few months ago and is really struggling with getting her house in order and making is look the way she originally envisioned. They moved into this CRAZY BIG corner house on a dead end street, they put in a pool… even though none of the kids live at home anymore… figure that out. Every time I come over she complains about clutter, all the crap she wants to organize and get rid of, and all around just being unhappy with the way things look. I haven’t read this book myself but I’ve read great reviews on it and have heard from friends that it is really good. I thought this would be a cute gift and would also help her start to get things in order 🙂

I got two books for my future mother in law!! We got her one of Chelsea Handler’s books last year and she loved it. So we figured we would get her her newest one and something else as well.

We got her Uganda be kidding me by Chelsea Handler and Go set a watchman by Harper Lee. We figured something funny and then something more on a classic line. Obviously this isn’t a classic but it follows a classic and we thought she would like it. I read Uganda be kidding me and like I’ve said before, I killed myself laughing through the entire book. Chelsea is so funny!! She includes pictures of the trip she took to Uganda with her friends and this woman has no shame… exhibit a:


Yepp all class all the time. Read it!!!

I have yet to read Go set a watchman but I absolutely loved To kill a mockingbird and therefore this new one is on my fast track TBR list!

I picked up a couple of stocking stuffers as well for my mom. I got a few Kate Spade clip bookmarks. I unfortunately wrapped them already BUT they were black and white and had cute little sayings on them. Cute little gift. I also picked up a pretty little word search book for my mom. She likes to keep those beside her bed for the nights she can’t sleep.


For my fiancee I picked up a book that I know he wants. I always get excited when he shows interest in reading. He is a hardcore comic books kind of guy, which I also enjoy but when he voices interest in a novel I get extra excited. He read this book a while back called Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. He loved it and to be honest it sounds like something I would read to so on to the list it goes!! If you want to read more about it then click here. Cline has another book out and since he liked the first one he has asked for the second one.


The cover kind of reminds me of some kind of 80s CD cover… strange! I haven’t read this one but since I bought it for him I’m sure I will and I’ll be sure to post a review on it. If you want to know anything about this one then click here. Fun fact: the author, Ernest Cline, is also the man who wrote the movie Fanboys! Amazing movie and if you haven’t watched it you definitely should because it’s definitely a favourite of mine!

Of course as I was picking up all of these items for other people I started thinking of things I would want for myself. I immediately thought of a book I’ve been wanting to read so I decided… what the hell I’m already here.


I picked up this gem for myself. I read the first one and was blown away by how much I loved it. It’s the kind of story that you immediately get lost in and time seems to fly by because you are enjoying yourself so much. I love the characters, the story is unique, there is mystery but not the kind that drives you crazy with wonder. It is an amazing read and I can’t wait to dive right into this one and not come up for air until I reach the end!




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