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A Book Lover’s Reality

This picture sums up how I feel about books. If you’re like me you wish your wardrobe really did lead to Narnia, that every train you got on was the Hogwarts Express, that positive thoughts really could fly you to Neverland, that a hole in the ground took you to Wonderland, that clicking your red slippers didn’t take you home but took you to Emerald city, that going to a summer camp meant training with demigods at Camp Halfblood, and walking on a regular hillside meant you were near the Shire.


Am I right?



6 thoughts on “A Book Lover’s Reality

  1. Yes, why we get sad when we finish a book.

    It’s like your home getting renovated after you’ve left and you never get to see the end- only getting to go back to the beginning.

    Thought-provoking post!


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