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That Paper Smell Is The Best!

I’ve posted something in the past about how I go back and forth between a physical book and my Kobo. A book always beats the electronic version with me BUT sometimes books are only available electronically so we have to suck it up… Like if you read for NetGalley.

I saw this picture this morning and thought, “Hmm I love tea and I love books… I need this.”

How do you guys feel about a book versus a kobo/kindle/etc?


Cheers (literally)!!



9 thoughts on “That Paper Smell Is The Best!

  1. I totally agree with you. I love an actual book. I have a bunch of kindle books, but have yet to read them because I like to actively turn a page. I really wanted to read What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, but my library didn’t have a copy, so I sucked it up and purchased the Kindle version. I am excited to read the book, but disappointed I have to read it on my kindle. By the way, I love that mug!


  2. Yes! So many of my friends have recommended that I get a Kindle. I did get one and I hated it! I love the feel of turning the page, and the smell of the book. Holding the actual book adds so much more to this experience.

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