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Our Wish Is For It To Never End

Whenever I’m sitting down to dive into a book, whether I’m continuing it or starting something new, I always make sure I have a good cup of tea. If you do coffee or hot chocolate you’ll still understand. Once I start reading I end up forgetting about my yummy tea. When I do decide to take a sip it ends up being cold so I have to get up and reheat it. Is there something that you can sit your mug on or put in your mug (light a steeper BUT it just keeps things hot) so things aren’t getting cold?? This is such a first world problem!! Because when I’m in the middle of a good book I’m definitely not paying attention to anything else… Do you know how much tea I’ve wasted!?!? Shame!!!!

C. S. Lewis said it right. If it’s a book you love then it’s never long enough. You wish it would last forever and you could even check in on what’s going on in that world from time to time. And the tea… Well a bottomless cup is ideal. Right???





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