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When an amazing book has a bad ending…

So the book has been amazing all the way through! You’ve fallen in love with the characters and you never want to go back to reality. And then…


Someone dies. A ton of unanswered questions. The couple doesn’t end up together… the list goes on.

This is my reaction!



3 thoughts on “When an amazing book has a bad ending…

  1. Sometimes I feel this way too- especially when the last few chapters feel like they have been written in a hurry and that the writer wanted to finish off with his characters, because he/she had had enough of them.
    So disappointing ! We had higher hopes for them.


    1. I agree. There is a sense of rushing that just makes you feel like the author has not only deserted their characters, but you as well. I guess authors do get anxious to finish things as well so we have to give them some credit 🙂

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      1. I don’t know Sammy. I feel cheated. Its like we eat an ice-cream savouring every bite and in the end it like plops straight into your mouth and you get frozen in your throat, when the author ends abruptly. Sometimes I feel like calling them up or visiting them and asking them, what were they thinking, when they ended a perfectly wonderful story thus.

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