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Does anyone else find this insulting?

So I was at the restaurant Jack Astor’s with some friends last night and on my way back from the bathroom I noticed this photo dangling.


Now I don’t know about other people but I definitely did a double take when I saw this.
While I understand that they are trying to say that aged wine tastes lovely… Which it does. They are also being quite insulting to those who have tattoos. While I don’t think they are trying to insult anyone, I definitely feel that they are looking at tattoos in a negative manor. Maybe I’m blowing this out of proportion but I definitely didn’t like this picture… Considering tattoos are a huge part of our culture today and throughout history.

Now I took to internet… As usual… Because I know that I’ve seen articles to counter the idea that tattoos will look terrible when you’re old. And guess what… If my tattoos look as amazing as these when I’m their age… I will think myself very lucky!!




Good for these people.

Do what you want with your body. At the end of the day… You’re the one who has to live with it 😉



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