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A Worry Girl’s World

In today’s day and age, worrying is something that comes naturally to us. It could be worrying about other people, about money, or about that big promotion that you’re just dying to get.

Why is it so normal to worry? When did life start moving so quickly and confusingly that to NOT worry is alien to us.

I’m a worry girl. I worry about big things like money, my health, my marriage, my job, etc. BUT, I also worry about the dumbest things like, if my husband is 15 minutes late getting home from work, well, he’s clearly gotten into a car accident and died. Oh, I have a little rash on my arm, well, it’s clearly skin cancer. Oh, there’s a man walking behind me as I walk the two minutes from my car to my house, well, I’m clearly going to be abducted and sold into human trafficking.

These are obviously extremes, but I think you get my point. I worry all the time and my husband is always telling me that I need to take a breath because everything will work out. I’ve never been someone who lets things fall as they may. I like to be the one aiming and throwing so I know where everything will land. But like sucks in that sense because you’re never the only one throwing things. It’s also your spouse, the person in the car next to you, the person walking their dog, and the billions of other people in the world. So how does someone who worries 24/7 handle the world.

Good question.

I wish I could say it’s simple, but it’s not. I sometimes tell myself that I’m stupid and I genuinely ask myself, “how many times have you been right when you do your worst case scenario crap?” When I ask myself that question the answer is pretty much always “never”. So it makes me feel better. I also always tell myself to “Just keep going”. I know it’s pretty much like Dori from Finding Nemo BUT those are some serious words of wisdom AND we all need a little bit more Ellen in our lives.

So this is my world. A world of worry, procrastination, and some serious self-reflection. While I worry and procrastinate like it’s going out of style and I just can’t part with those wide leg jeans that were in for five minutes so I spent $100 on them and now I’m panicking because it was a waste… I also have some amazing things. I just got married back in October, a went on a wonderful honeymoon, we have the cutest dog in the world, we just moved in to our first house, and I have a husband who loves me more than I could ever ask for.

So, me worrying and procrastinating while also having that… is still a win in my book. But lets face it… life still beats the crap out of us sometimes and we forget about the good stuff.

So, here’s to the things that I can’t control… and that I lose sleep over.

** This may be the official party line here going forward!**


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