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Learning To Relax 

If you’re anything like me and you worry all the time or frequently feel tense… I would seriously recommend getting yourself a dog. 

I know that may seem extreme but I’ve definitely noticed a difference in myself since this little guy came in to my life. 

I could have the most stressful day and when I come home, I’m faced with the most excited and happy face in the world. It’s one of those situations where you can’t help but be excited because they’re excited. 

They say that a dog is the one thing that loves you more than he loves himself and I honestly agree. They show you so much love that the negativity and the stress can just melt away. 

Sometimes I wish I was a dog, I feel like things would be so much simpler. 

So, today, at the end of a long twelve hour day at the office… because why not… I came home to this face… 

And I immediately felt better and happier. Not to long after that we both wound up snuggling…. 

And when he’s relaxed and sleeping… well I’m relaxed. 

Seriously, if you are a stressful person.. get a dog to de-stress you! 


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