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No Tomorrow List / Bucket List / “Apocalyst”

Over the last week I have been watching this show called “No Tomorrow”, which is on Canadian Netflix right now. At first it started out as another one of those witty comedies that give you those good feelings BUT, as the show progressed, it became so much more than that for me. It became a show about inspiration, seizing the day, and living in the moment. Which are all by the way things that I struggle with.

I’ve recently been feeling in a bit of a rut. Not in a bad way but just in the sense that I would rather stay home and watch Netflix than go out in to the world and do something fun. I often think, “well what would I do” or “Money is tight and almost everything costs money, so might as well stay in and save”. This is a terrible mind set and I knew I had to get out of it.

I’ve stopped being excited about life. I’ve started thinking about all the bad things that get in the way of enjoying yourself and appreciating what you have. Ironically, I was inspired by a tv show, which is exactly what I said was part of my rut.

The premise of the show is essentially this guy, Named Xavier, who has discovered this formula that states that an asteroid is heading for earth and therefore there are only eight months left to live. He has created his “Apocalyst”, which contains all his regrets, his dreams, and absolutely everything he has every wanted to do. It could be something life changing as well as something stupid and fun. Everyday he tries to do something on his list because these eight-months are counting down. He is all about living in the moment and seizing the day.

This show has inspired me to create my own list, except I’m not calling it my “Apocalyst”. I am simply calling it my “No Tomorrow List”. While the world isn’t ending, that we know off. And I don’t have a terminal illness, that I know off. I realized that there are so many things that I want to do and I always forget about them. Small things like, try a Cronut!


Big things like, see the Northern Lights.


Big or small, they are now all in this list. My list has already reached 105 things, and just the simple task of writing it all down has gotten me so excited about life.

To break myself out of this rut, I am going to work through my list. Not necessarily one everyday, but perhaps one or two a week. Some are small and can be done on a whim, while others need to be planned and saved for, such as staying in an over water bungalow!


So, whenever I feel bored or in some way not in a happy mood. I am going to look to this list. I am going to look to it because these are all desires of my own and experiences that would and could make me really happy in the moment and long term. Some people would call this a bucket list but I’m simply looking at it as something to get myself excited about the life that I’m living and when the end comes, I know I had all the fun I could.

If anyone is reading this, let me know what you would put on your “No Tomorrow List”. Hopefully I may inspire you to create one of your own!



2 thoughts on “No Tomorrow List / Bucket List / “Apocalyst”

  1. I loved this show! And it is something to think about. In part because we do sometimes live under an illusion we have all the time in the world to get around to things, but we never really know how much time we have, and so we do in many ways need to live in the moment. Because even if we live to an old age, if we’re always putting things off to later, we’ll end up just living with regrets of not taking the chance when we had it. Like my cousin who just moved to Japan for a new job, and now my list definitely contains go visit her in Japan. Really I just want to see the world. There’s so much out there to see and do, it’s kind of crazy to think that people can ever be bored when there’s so much we haven’t done or discovered.

    And I am also guilty of staying at home watching a ton of Netflix, don’t know what all the Canadian version has, but if you liked that guy on No Tomorrow, check out Galavant. Only has 2 seasons but it mostly all gets wrapped up at least, and part of me is still hoping for more.


    1. Thanks for the recommendation! I’ve never heard of that show. I’ll definitely check it out… on a day when it’s cold and rainy and I have an excuse to stay in haha

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