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Daily Inspiration

What do you do when you feel uninspired?

Maybe you’re having a rough day, week, month, etc, and you just don’t feel as if you can create anything. This happens to the best of us and you have to nip it in the but right away. Lets be honest here, we’re all so much happier when we feel inspired, and to be honest, happiness and inspiration go hand in hand.

If you’re feeling happy, you tend to feel more inspired as well. So how do you deal with this. How do you snap back to your inspirational, happy, go getting self that you love to be.

Here are some of the things that I do to try and bring back some inspiration.

Side Note: They don’t all always work haha… sometimes I need a mix of two or three…. or five different ones!

Take a long walk – 

Yes this may seem silly and blatantly obvious but sometimes you have to take a good long walk to clear out all the guck that the world has stuck in there. Walk by yourself or with your dog. Perhaps with some music or just with the sounds that the wonderful outdoors brings. Really try and focus on the beauty of things. Focus on the squirrels running around, the snow falling (if you have snow where you are), the way the sun shines on different objects, etc. Go for a good hour, and focus on the small things. You’ll be surprised how refreshed your brain will be when it gets a break from life’s complications and just goes back to simple things that we pass by everyday but really never notice or think about.


Watch something that so funny it makes you cry –

Again, obvious. Seriously though, being in a good mood just naturally makes you feel more creative, more productive, and just better. If you find something that makes you laugh so hard your balling… stick with that and bring it back on rough day. Here’s one of my favorites!


HAHAHAHA… his face though!!

Take that bubble bath –

I need to be more specific with this one though. I’m not a light candles and sit in the dark kind of person. I find something that smells nice and I toss it in the water. I put my hair up, I climb in, and I have my netflix going. I tend to get bored in the bath so I always have something playing. Maybe a half hour comedy of some kind. It’s a mixture of relaxation and distraction. So helpful.


Keep a list of your goals, dreams, etc –

This is so effective because you can look back on it and hold yourself accountable. It’s in writing. It’s permanently in the world and you know it would feel so good to be able to cross that one thing off that you know you want to do or finish. For me, it’s my “No Tomorrow List”, which I’m not going to lie, it’s quite long. But it houses everything I’ve ever wanted to do… and I intend to get through it all.


And finally…

Don’t be afraid to tell the world to go f**k itself –

Sometimes the world kicks you and pushes you down. That’s ok and sometimes it’s ok to let it. The only thing is that you have to get back up. Give yourself the day off. Close yourself off from the world. Pretend you’re the only one that exist. Get your Sh** together, form a game plan, and then go back and kick it in the a** tomorrow.



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